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L’Autre Côte (the other coast) Cabernet Franc from 100-pt winemaker, Steven Kent Mirassou

L'Autre Côte Bottle on a black background

There is no more thrilling a wine to drink than one whose best example sits out on the margins of acceptability. These wines are truly magical because their irreducible wholeness comes about as a function of their purity of fruit, balance of acidity, and overt sexiness. Cabernet Franc is the purest and finest example of this kind of wine.

Cabernet Franc often thrives despite the interventions of the winemaker; it reaches its apotheosis, then, when the winemaker is only (at a distance) watchful, bridegroom to the fizz of fermentation; shepherd to the press, to the barrel, to the blend, to that final shape that twists the tongue, molds the mind, and elevates the mundane to the exotic and the commonplace to the sublime.

Steven Kent Mirassou, sixth-generation winemaker from America’s oldest winemaking family, has been working with Cabernet Franc since 2005. He finds the grape to be so alluring and so full of elegance and complexity that even a lifetime of drinking it will never reveal all her mysteries and charms.

L’Autre Côte was born from Steven’s devotion to making beautiful wines that emotionally connect with the drinker and to highlighting his obsession with the grape best able to do that!

Steven Kent holding glass of wine in vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon grapes pulled off the vine and resting in a bin

The Livermore Valley is fortuitously located only 35 miles inland from the San Francisco Bay, and its east-west orientation and proximity to the hotter inland climate of the Central Valley makes it a way-station for the daily wind that cools hot days down, that balances acidity in the evenings, and spools out the growing season longer, nearly every year. 

Ghielmetti and Sachau vineyards, our two world-class sites, are separated by about 4 miles, a few hundred feet in elevation, and clonal selection. Each fully realized wine from these sites reflects a different facet of the gorgeous varietal diamond that is Cabernet Franc.

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